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Greetings! CHEERS (cheer-us) is a team of Educational Psychologist, Counsellors, Educational Therapists and Academic Specialists based in Singapore.

CHEERS is unique as we combine educational psychology in our academic intervention services!

We work with:


As a child specialist centre, we also liaise closely with hospital personnels, school personnels, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and parents.

At CHEERS, we pride ourselves for teaching skills that can be measured and transferable to our client’s school and home environments.


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CHEERS provide quality psychological assessments for your child’s needs. Whether it is an enquiry into cognitive functioning and giftedness, academic attainment, attention issues, emotional control, adaptive functioning or social skills, CHEERS can deliver. CHEERS psychological reports are widely accepted by hospitals and government ministries e.g. MOE and Mindef.





Academic interventions for English, Math, Science and Chinese for Primary and Secondary Students in mainstream or special schools. Our academic specialists are well trained to work with children and teenagers with diverse needs. We make lessons fun and engaging to maximize learning.



Counselling is providing a listening ear without judgment or giving solutions. Sometimes we all need someone to listen to us and acknowledge our existence. By asking the right questions or reflecting your child’s thoughts, our counsellor can guide your child to a happier and more meaningful path.


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My child started social skills sessions 6 months ago. He is less emotional this year and says the sessions make things clearer for him.
My child can apply the executive functions strategies taught to her when I remind her. She knows these strategies by heart and has become more organised in her work.
My daughter attended counselling sessions. She goes to school regularly now and knows how to deal with stressful situations better. She is more cheerful now.
As a parent, I learnt to be patient and to apply rules consistently at home. I cannot expect him to be a perfect human. CHEERS guide me to manage my own expectation and let go of things I cannot control.
My child is in Primary 2 but cannot manage basic reading comprehension before he started sessions. I can see improvement because they teach him the basic phonological sounds before proceeding to individual words. I didn’t know that he was pretending to read before.
She failed Chinese throughout Primary One to Four and almost had to drop to foundation level. In the past, she attended group tuition but no use. Thankfully, we tried one trial lesson at Cheers Learning and she liked the lesson. For the first time, she passed her Chinese exam.
My child has developmental delay. He has always been a slow learner and scared of scoldings. The teacher is very patient in guiding him. We see that he is happier in learning now.
My boy was having lots of trouble paying attention and behaving in class. We went down for one sitting of the assessment. The process is fast, from assessment to report discussion just took 3 weeks. The report has helped us tremendously to understand his learning and behavior profile.
The school wanted an updated assessment report for the PSLE but hospital wait is very long. We opt for Cheers Learning. The service is fast and professional. The report is 11 pages long with full explanation of her learning difficulties. I find the recommendations very helpful.


External Partners

For your reference, the following are a list of school and external agencies we have liaised with:

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

Cantonment Primary School

CHIJ (Our Lady Queen of Peace)

Evergreen Primary School

Fu Chun Primary School

Henry Park Primary School

Keming Primary School

Methodist Girls’ School

Nanhua Primary School

Nanyang Primary School

Palm View Primary School

Qifa Primary School

Raffles Girls Primary School

Tao Nan School

Unity Primary School

Waterway Primary School

Yew Tee Primary School

Balestier Hill Secondary School

Regent Secondary School

Presbyterian High School

Spectra Secondary School

St. Andrew Secondary School

Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Eden School

Rainbow Centre


School of the Arts (Singapore)

HPB – Child Guidance Clinic

MCYC Community Services

Dyslexia Association of Singapore – RETA

Olive Tree Development Centre

ACE @ Work

Pebble Place Child Development Centre

Children’s Cancer Foundation

College of Allied Educators

NUH – Children’s Clinic

One World International School

Society for the Promotion of ADHD Research and Knowledge (SPARK)

Singapore International School – Hong Kong

Our Charges



In the maxim that every child matters, CHEERS aims to provide quality services for children with diverse needs.

CHEERS current psycho-educational assessment rate is $600 per test while our intervention/counselling rates is between $120-$180 for an individual session.

We provide a variety of psychological assessments













Our academic intervention services are suitable for children and youths who













Our counselling services are suitable for children and youths who











At CHEERS, we believe in serving our clients whole-heartedly.  There is no hidden charges – no registration, report nor material fee required!

Call or whatsapp @ 8495 5465 to book an assessment date/ trial lesson/ consultation.

Send us an enquiry through our online form and we will get back to you on the same working day!


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