Boost Your Mind With Our Special Needs Educational Therapy

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Boost Your Mind With Our Special Needs Educational Therapy
Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy

Past clients recommend us. Private and public institutions do too. They list us for our special needs educational therapy and social skills training. We're among the Best Psychologists in Singapore."
Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy

We are a one stop service with team consisting of psychologist, counsellors, occupational therapist and educational therapist.
Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy

We are located in the heart of Jurong East District Singapore, touted as the 2nd CBD of Singapore.
Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy

We have an excellent programme. Process of consultation to assessment and intervention is smooth and speedy.
Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy.

About CHEERS Learning and Assessment Services

We focus on helping kids and youth with special needs, boosting their minds with our therapy. Our programs give targeted support for those with moderate to severe needs. We also offer improvements for those with mild needs. There's empowerment for learners who think differently. Parents get the help they need too. Together, we aim to make a friendly and caring place. This place helps every child grow and be happy."
  • Individual attention in a one-on-one or small-class setting
  • Inclusive learning environments to accommodate diverse needs.
  • Provide neurodiversity-friendly curricula and teaching methods
  • Offer workshops, counseling, and guidance for parents and corporations.
  • Offer internships opportunities for individuals pursuing a career in special needs.





Why choose us

Choose us because of our clear and honest process. We also have low prices. Making you happy is what we care about most. Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy.
Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy

Step 1: Consultation and Screening (1-1.5h)

Tell us your main worries. We'll plan a talk with our educational or counseling psychologists. We're here to provide personalized support and guidance to address your needs. We'll set up a meeting at your convenience.


We offer different tests to see how your mind works. These tests measure your academic skills and personality. They also look at how you get along with others. Plus, they check your behavior and mood.
Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy

STEP 3A: Counselling and Therapy (WEEKLY 8-12 Sessions)

Check out our services: counseling and social skills training. We offer executive functioning training and mood management. Parental guidance is also available. We're here to support you.
Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy

STEP 3B: Learning Intervention (WEEKLY ON-GOING)

We offer academic support at home and in our centre, spanning primary to secondary levels. Your educational journey, our commitment.

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An all-inclusive team at your service

Ms Ming Ying

Educational Psychologist cum Fellow Therapist
Ms. Ming Ying is a registered educational psychologist (SPS) and an educational therapist (RETA). She excelled in her NTU Master of Arts (Applied Psychology) Program. With a past as an MOE teacher, she brings over 10 years of teaching in mainstream and special schools. Before joining School of the Arts (SOTA), she contributed at Pathlight. Ming Ying has skills in Orton-Gillingham, ABA, and TEACCH methods. In her spare time, she assesses at DAS and Mindchamps Allied Care, teaches at College of Allied Educators, and guides special needs officer trainees at NIE. Overcoming her challenge of repeating A levels, she aims to assist children and youths to succeed and flourish, offering special needs educational therapy and CBT.

Ms Emily

Counsellor cum Play therapist
Emily is a counselor with six years of helping youths and adults. She got her master's in psychology, focusing on counseling, from Monash University in Australia. She's a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. Her goal is to create a safe and open space for clients. This helps them grow and get better. She's skilled in dealing with distress, anger, depression, anxiety, trauma, insomnia, grief, and attachment issues. In her free time, Emily loves teaching piano to kids. She uses her counseling knowledge and love for music to help them heal and grow. With our special needs educational therapy and CBT, find support for various issues.

Mr Kesava

Mr. Kesavan has forty-five years of experience. He worked as a counselor, social worker, supervisor, and trainer. His work focuses on adult and youth behavior, addiction, and crisis counseling. He has a Master of Social Science, majoring in counseling, from the University of Southern Australia. He specializes in motivational and self-improvement programs for people and groups. He also ran life skills sessions on national radio every week. Plus, he gave parent education talks in community clubs and private groups. Mr. Kesavan's long service shows his love for helping people help themselves. Find help with our special needs educational therapy and CBT, showing his dedication to self-improvement.

Ms Patricia

Ms. Patricia got her Bachelor of Arts at NUS. She also has diplomas in Education and School Counselling from NIE. She was an MOE Secondary School Teacher and a Senior School Counsellor. She has 17 years of experience in counselling. She has worked with many teen issues. This work taught her lots about counselling, being open-minded, and helping effectively. She is kind, friendly, and likes to help. She enjoys talking to youths and makes friends with them easily. Find support with our special needs educational therapy and CBT, using her skills to help young people

Ms Eliana

Occupational Therapist
Meet Eliana, a kind occupational therapist. She wants to help people live better on their own. She has 8 years of practice. Eliana is good at making special therapy plans. She helps many people, like kids with growth challenges and youths getting over injuries. Eliana cares about the health of the whole person. She uses new ways to better daily skills, adjust places, and let clients enjoy life. Her kindness and patient care are key to better physical and emotional health. Get help with our special needs educational therapy and CBT, as Eliana leads people to wellness.

Ms Jing Hwee

Educational Therapist (Chinese and English)
Jing Hwee got her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from NTU. She also earned a Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. She spent 8 years teaching in preschools. As a teacher, she helped little kids with reading and behavior issues. Jing Hwee tutored English to students in primary and secondary school, meeting various learning needs. She has a Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy Teaching. This trained her in the Orton-Gillingham approach and Jolly Phonics for dyslexia. Jing Hwee can speak 3 languages well. She enjoys giving language help to students aiming for academic success. Get help with our special needs educational therapy and CBT, as Jing Hwee guides students to do well.

Ms Adella

Educational Therapist (English and Math)
Meet Ms. Adella, a talented educator with a degree in Child and Youth Study. She also has an advanced diploma for helping kids with special needs. She's taught for 16 years in different places, like special and regular schools. Her work includes special preschools and both global and local primary schools in Singapore. Ms. Adella knows how to use Applied Behavioral Analysis to help students. She wants to make schools and workplaces welcoming for everyone. She aims for a world where all are accepted. Get support from our special needs educational therapy and CBT, as Ms. Adella makes spaces more inclusive

Ms Ellie

Social Skills and Educational Therapist (English, Math and Science)
Teacher Ellie has 4 years as a school Allied Educator. She helps students with challenges like ASD, ADHD, ID, Dyslexia, and Cerebral Palsy. Now, she's studying for a Masters of Arts in Applied Psychology at NIE. Ellie holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology and a Diploma in Special Education. She's also trained in phonics through the MOE School-Based Dyslexia Remediation Program. Ellie has worked a lot with students aged 7-15 on English and Math, focusing on literacy and behavior issues. She believes every child can learn with the right help. Get help with our special needs educational therapy and CBT, as Ellie guides students past learning hurdles."

Ms Celeste

Educational cum Art Therapist
Meet Ms. Celeste, an art educator and therapist for special needs. She started teaching art in 2012 and moved to special needs in 2013. Ms. Celeste is trained in play therapy and Brain Gym. She also knows a lot about early intervention, like TEACCH, and behavior therapy, such as ABA-VB. She loves helping build an inclusive world. Ms. Celeste uses sensory art for special needs kids and mixed mediums for all kids. Her dedication to a welcoming and enriching learning space stands out. Find help with our special needs educational therapy and CBT, reflecting Ms. Celeste's efforts towards inclusion.

What Parents Say

"Going the extra mile is the only road to excellence."
We had some concerns regarding our child, and Ms Ming was very professional and heard us. She provided us with the tools and guidance that we needed. It was an enlightening session and we will be back for more. Her years of experience clearly show in the way she handles our situation and we can't be more grateful.
We were told to see Ming Ying for my child's anxiety. She is very nice and wants to help us. She gives us ideas and advice without rushing us to change a lot. She only suggests tests for my child if really needed. Then, she lets us think about it. This makes me feel safe and sure she wants to help my child's anxiety. Thank you so much for your support and doing more for us when we needed it. At the assisted care facility, Ming Ying's approach was truly beneficial.
We're happy a friend told us about Ming. The therapy sessions worked well. After a few times, the child felt happier and motivated again. Ming is a mom too. She is very kind, patient, and caring. She gets how moms feel. Thanks!
Easy to access by mrt. Teacher is well trained for children need special coaching. My child likes and looks forward to attend the class.
This is our second visit to Ms. Ming Ying, the educational psychologist. She's really patient and focused on understanding my son's needs. She gave my son ways to handle his Math Section C. But, I think he should get tutoring from Ms. Ming Ying. Now, we need to work out how to get my son from the east to Bukit Batok. Thanks, Ms. Ming Ying, for your patience
We visited Ms. Ming Ying again, an educational psychologist. She's very patient and helps find out what my son needs. She taught my son how to do better in Math Section C. I think it's best if Ms. Ming Ying could tutor my son. Now, we need to plan how to get my son from the east to Bukit Batok. Thank you, Ms. Ming Ying, for being so patient.
Ming Ying is very professional and knowledgeable about supporting children with learning needs. In addition, she can offer very good insights and advice to parents and students. She comes highly recommended.
Teacher Ming explains English concepts well. He also teaches social skills in his lessons. This has helped my girl a lot. She now understands and benefits from studying in a mainstream school.
I went for an assessment as a young adult and it was a very good experience! She was really patient and helpful and even gave me tips on how i can cope with stress and language in my daily life!

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Boost your mind with our special needs educational therapy


A child might need occupational therapy for different reasons. It helps them with daily tasks they find hard. This can include things like writing or getting dressed. Occupational therapy boosts your mind. It is a special needs educational therapy. It helps children do better in school and at home.

An ABA, or Applied Behavior Analyst, helps people learn new skills. They work mostly with kids who have autism. Their goal is to improve behaviors and social skills. They do this through special training and activities. This is a type of special needs educational therapy. It boosts your mind and helps in everyday life.

Yes, ABA therapy can help with speech. It teaches kids how to communicate better. This includes using words and understanding others. The therapy uses special techniques. These techniques boost your mind, like a special needs educational therapy. It helps kids express themselves more clearly.

ABA therapy can be very helpful, but it’s not always necessary. It depends on the person’s needs. Some people benefit a lot from it. It helps them learn and behave better. It’s like a boost for your mind, especially for special needs. But there are other therapies that can help too.

Kids with autism benefit most from ABA therapy. It helps them learn social and communication skills. This therapy makes daily tasks easier for them. It’s like a special educational therapy. It boosts their minds and helps them in school and life. ABA therapy is really good for their growth and learning.

Pros of ABA Therapy:

  1. Helps improve behavior and skills in children.

  2. Teaches better social and communication methods.

  3. Acts like a special needs educational therapy, boosting their minds.

  4. Makes daily life easier for those with learning difficulties.

Cons of ABA Therapy:

  1. Can be seen as too strict or repetitive for some.

  2. Doesn’t work the same for every individual.

  3. Might cause stress in some children during the therapy.

  4. It’s important to tailor the therapy to each person’s needs.

Find help with our special needs educational therapy and CBT


Mr. Kesavan has 45 years of experience in helping people. He worked as a counselor, social worker, supervisor, and trainer. He focuses on behavior, addiction, and crisis counseling for adults and youth. He has a Master's degree in counseling. Mr. Kesavan runs motivational programs and life skills sessions. He also gives talks to parents. His work shows his dedication to helping others improve themselves. He supports special needs educational therapy and CBT.